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Kiddie Tractor Pull

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Oak Harbor Apple Festival 2017 Kiddie Tractor Pull Winners


Class 1 (Less than 45#)     

1st Place: Gus Hartman
2nd Place: Jake Binder
3rd Place: Angel Dyson


 Class 2 (46 – 60#)      

1st Place: Caryn Stewart
2nd Place: Jimmy Sidell
3rd Place: Lane Kapp

Class 3  (61 - 75 #)

1st Place: Cadance Clyburn
2nd Place: Madison Barttett
3rd Place: Joel Rohde

        Class 4 (76 - 90 #)

1st Place: Wade Kapp
2nd Place: Sophia Sherman


A special thanks to the Oak Harbor FFA for conducting this event.

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